What's happening at christ chapel

Good Friday


We proudly invite you to this one night event, Friday, April 19, 2019 at 7:00 P.M

Easter Sunday


We invite you to our annual World Famous Easter potluck.  Bring your best Easter favorites. The church will provide turkey, ham, drinks, bread, and place settings.  So whip up those culinary delights, (or make a quick trip to a grocery store/other fine eating establishments in the area) and bring a friend or make one!  We suggest you bring enough food for about 6-8 people.  If you are not financially able to contribute to the pot luck, please stay anyway and celebrate with us.  If Jesus can feed 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, He will certainly make sure there is enough for you, we promise. If you are having trouble deciding what to bring, simply find the last digit of your birthday and bring the corresponding dish.  (e.g. If your birthday is 11-03-80 and you don’t have another dish in mind, you can bring a dessert)
0 – Dessert
1 – Fruit Salad
2 – Hot or Cold Vegetables
3 – Main Dish
4 – Main Dish
5 – Main Dish
6 – Main Dish
7 - Hot or Cold Vegetables
8 – Salad (green or pasta)
9 - Hot or Cold Vegetables

First Time Visitors


If you’re here for the first time-welcome! We are glad you came! We’ve got a free gift for you. Simply fill out a Welcome Card (available from any Usher) and turn in to anyone with a name-badge. They’ll give you your free gift.

Building & Benevolent Fund


Please pray on how you can help. donations can be marked, “Building Fund”  or "Benevolent Fund" (or simply use a Building Fund envelope or fill out a Pledge Card). 

Home Groups/Bible Study


Join us  for Bible Study every Wednesday night at 7:30pm.

Home Groups  begin April 24th. For more information on a home group near you, e-mail Sheri Armstrong slarmstrong7@aol.com